PSE: The Producers Library Odd Vocal Vol.2

PSE: The Producers Library Odd Vocal Vol.2

“Odd Vocal: Volume 2” features screams, grunts, snorts, roars and many other vocalizations pristinely recorded and ready for musical manipulation. Drop them straight into your track for gasping reactions and guffawing laughter, or mix them together to create your very own audience. The clear quality of these recordings makes them ideal for creative processing and altering.


· 15 Battle Shouts
· 25 Coughs
· 6 Female Laughter Sounds
· 3 Female Shriek Sounds
· 2 Gag Choking Sounds
· 4 Human Roar Sounds
· 4 Male Exclamation Sounds
· 4 Male Gasp Sounds
· 5 Male Grunt Sounds
· 6 Male Laughter Sounds
· 22 Small Creature Sounds
· 2 Throaty Vocal Sounds

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