Sound Ideas Platinum L2 Sound Effects Library by Frank Serafine

Sound Ideas Platinum L2 Sound Effects Library by Frank Serafine

2,740 Royalty Free Sound Effects

L2 Sound Effects Library by Frank Serafine is an innovative 10 disc set of more than 2,700 royalty free sound effects. The sound effects collection was produced by Frank Serafine, an award winning Hollywood sound designer who is credited with the development of many new digital audio techniques. Frank's work has been heard in such Hollywood blockbusters as Star Trek, Lawnmower Man, The Hunt for Red October and Virtuosity. As you might expect from a sound effects designer collection developed by Frank Serafine, there is a heavy emphasis on Science Fiction Sounds, the Supernatural, Electricity and Industrial works in the L2 Sound Effects Library.


Award winning Hollywood Sound Designer Frank Serafine
2,740 royalty free sound effects
10 Audio CDs of stereo sounds
Also Available as a Download
Revised documentation with clearly defined titles
Comprehensive file descriptions

8 well-chosen sound categories including:

Ambience, Electricity & Static, Industrial
Metal, Science Fiction, Supernatural
Transportation and Water

Featured Recordings include:

Solid, Ringing, Metallic Hits
Metal Crushers and Dumpsters
Time Warps and Force Fields
Zaps, Whooshes and Alarms
Computer Voices and Warnings
Supernatural Creatures, Ghosts and Breathing

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