Sound Ideas 20th Century Fox Sound Effects Library

Sound Ideas 20th Century Fox Sound Effects Library

1,360 Royalty Free Motion Picture Sound Effects

20th Century Fox SFX Library was created under special agreement – allowing Sound Ideas to pull together 1,360 motion picture sounds from the Sound Department of Twentieth Century Fox Corporation. This sound effects treasure allows everyone to access indelible feature film sounds from legendary Hollywood films. Many hard to get and difficult to re-create sound effects have been preserved in this motion picture sound effects collection.

You will find cattle drives and stampedes, period Roman soldiers, the streets of an old Western town, stagecoaches and the Cavalry. There is a wealth of vintage transportation sound effects including vintage motorcycles, Model Ts, hot rods and trolleys. And when it comes to staging the ultimate battle of any era, you can take advantage of medieval catapults, submarine control rooms, sword fights, flame throwers, torpedoes, guns, knives and arrows. This is a sound archive treasure – 20th Century Fox SFX Library.


1,360 royalty free sound effects
Digitally re-mastered


Twentieth Century Fox thanks the editorial staff, past and present, for its contribution in making this sound effects package possible.

This Product Contains Restricted Sound Effects

When NASA released their audio files into the public domain, some of the tracks included the voice of Jack King, the Voice of NASA and others. As individuals and not public figures, these individuals were entitled to control and license the use of their voices. Use of these effects in a production or presentation requires special licensing not available through Sound Ideas, and probably requires additional licensing fees.

TCF 1: Antique Autos, Auto Crashes, Ferraris, Hot Rods, Model Ts, Stock Car Races, Auto Skids
TCF 2: Airplanes, Animals, Arrows, Archery, Crowds, Baseball, Battles
TCF 3: Bells, Bodyfalls, Cartoon Boings, Boxing Crowds, Cameras, Carnivals, Catapults, Crashes, Crowds
TCF 4: Drawbridge, Earthquakes, Electronics, Explosions, Fight Scenes, Bar Fights, Fires & Fire Trucks, Flame Throwers, Professional Football
TCF 5: Glass Smashes, Cannons, Firearms, Handcuffs, Naval Horns, Horses & Stagecoaches
TCF 6: Human Hits, Jail Doors, Jungles, Knife Stabs, Knife Throws, Metal Hits
TCF 7: Motorcycle Gangs, Vintage Motorcycles, Office Ambiences, Parachutes, Police Radios, Ratchets, Record Scratches, Rockets, Sand Storms, Ship Signals, Ship SONAR, Space Shuttles
TCF 8: Air Raid Sirens, Ship Sirens, Snowmobiles, Artillery Soldiers, Cavalry Soldiers, Soldiers Marching, Roman Soldiers, Green Hornet Stings, Submarines, Submarine Control Rooms, Submarine Torpedoes, Sword Fights
TCF 9: Military Tanks, Telegraphs, Telephones, Thunder, Period Traffic, Trains
TCF 10: Steam Trains, Trolleys, Military Trucks, Underwater Sounds, Western Streets, Police Whistles

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