Sonic Worlds Playing Cards Basics

Sonic Worlds Playing Cards Basics

20 classic card sounds used in games cherry picked from our comprehensive "Playing Cards" library.

The library was recorded with the most commonly used card deck used by casinos, magicians and hobbyists alike.

The library uses a close Mic perspective for that "in your face" sound used in games or scenes where you want focus and to create an impact.


- Riffle Shuffles
- Bridging
- Overhand Shuffle
- Natural card dealing
- Hard card dealing
- Flipping onto a table
- Flipping onto a card


- 20 Sounds
- 20 Files
- WAV: 96 kHz / 24bit ; 44.1 kHz / 16bit
- MP3: Max VBR
- Download Size: 17 MB
- Extracted Size: 20 MB
- ​BWF and Soundminer Metadata

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