Soundethers QUARK

Soundethers QUARK

"Quark" is a unique collection of deep underscores for iZotope's Iris 2. While Iris 2 offers a wide selection of great factory patches, it contains only a few pure, playable, ever-evolving underscores. "Quark" gives the users of this amazing instrument an essential add-on, made of tuned textures and field recordings carefully blended together, ranging from gritty to heavenly atmospheres. Hope you enjoy it!

Perfect for Film/Game, Ambient, EDM, Chillout and anything else that may need layers of deep, ever-evolving sound.

Technical Specifications:

​- 42 patches
- 30 original samples
- original field recordings
- 648 MB installed
- Mod Wheel assigned

Install instructions:

Simply move the unzipped "SE Quark" folder inside the "Patches" folder of Iris 2.
Tipically: yourdrive/iZotope/Iris 2/Iris 2 Library/Patches
The "SE Quark" folder contains all patches and samples: you just need to launch Iris 2 and you'll find it in the browser.

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