SampleHero Vintage Stopwatch Bundle

SampleHero Vintage Stopwatch Bundle

Instantly add speed, energy and thrilling-tension to your tracks! Perfect for everything from Trailer Music to Crime Drama to Sports Cues! Take it from us... You gotta have these! Pick them up before time runs out! Tick.. Tick... Tick...

We searched high and low across the inter-webs to find the rarest of the rarest and best-conditioned swiss made vintage stopwatches on the planet... We believe we've found them and now you can have them too!

These stopwatches have that perfect "TICK, TICK, TICK" sound that sits perfectly in every track! Use it! You'll love it!

Tons of Samples
Sampled Front & Back
Loops in 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32 & Triplets (Front & Back)
Special Loops created from Front and Back Samples
3-Band EQ
Instant Tension!

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