Gothic Instruments DRONAR Brass Module

Gothic Instruments DRONAR Brass Module

DRONAR Brass is the seventh module in Gothic Instruments’ hugely popular atmosphere creation series for Kontakt and brings a distinctively different sound to the product line.

Despite beginning its journey as recordings of a concert brass group in an English church hall, with DRONAR Brass what you DON’T get is a brass sample library. What you DO get are organic, evolving atmospheric pads and pulses with a rich brassy core that can convey a mood of peace as well as heroism. A soundtrack from a steampunk brasstopia where synths are made of brass and run on steam power...


Expressive and innovative atmospheric sound creator
Includes 248 .nki presets
Total library size: 5.91GB compressed from 9GB of audio
Developed for the full (paid for) version of Kontakt 5.7.3 or higher
Evolving, rich and complex pads and textures that would otherwise take hours to create
Sounds range from breathtakingly majestic to ethereal and uplifting
The perfect companion with DRONAR Live Strings for enhanced orchestral colours
Highly suitable for movie, tv and video game soundtracks
Great for electronic and pop music
Expert and beginner friendly
6 pages of simple controls deliver massive control
Create your own rhythm patterns in amongst the pad magic with the Rhythm Editor
Dive deeper with DRONAR's unique independent arpeggiators
Onboard FX provide further sound design options

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