F9 Audio F9 Toolkit for Ableton Live 9+10 Deluxe Edition

F9 Audio F9 Toolkit for Ableton Live 9+10 Deluxe Edition

Supercharge your Live setup..

F9's Toolkit is a 5Gb Multi-genre expansion for Ableton live 9.1 onwards ( including Live 10 ) . It works with Live Standard and Suite on PC or Mac . Everything is self contained, easy to load and bult inside Ableton's Racking system.

269 Brand new Multi-sampled instruments and Sound menus have been captured using the techniques, world class hardware and technology that has made F9 renowned in terms of sonics and trusted by professional producers, screen writers and artists.

The DELUXE edition contains every project used to create the individual genre demos as well as 9 Startup pages across many styles pre loaded with sounds and inspiration.

A unique F9 preview system allows you to hear the patch playing back a demo midi file before you drop it into your session. you can even use the demo part as a live clip.

F9’s Toolkit is created by producers for Live users at every level. See how powerful your Ableton system can be when it's fed the right sounds.

It's beyond amazing - Instant Inspiration

- Steve Anderson...

F9 Toolkit Deluxe edition :

5GB+ Multi-sampled instruments and sound menus
269 Live racks with Macro Controls
6 Full Logic Song arrangement** pages of the main audio demos with all midi and mixing / production tricks on show
8 Startup pages across many genres with style-starter beats and instruments already setup in the arrange page

System requirements:

At least 15gb free space for download and decompression
Ableton Live 9 or Live 10 ( Standard or Suite edition)

"The F9 toolbox is one of the best ideas to come out of the soundware market. It has successfully delivered the sounds of essential drums, bass and synths that are so often searched for through endless YouTube geek tutorials. The sonics are powerful and all contained within a safe audio spectrum. The magic is a page full of ready-made gorgeous sounds via the sampler without having to fire up the big synths. The serious producer can get straight down to work and quickly create. Essential stuff" - Pete Heyward - Goloka

All audio demos are 100% F9 Toolkit for Ableton - Only 1 instance of Ozone has been used for mastering purposes

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