Cinesamples Kalimba

Cinesamples Kalimba

Our deeply sampled African Kalimba features a wide variety of sounds and textures and an intuitive interface.


3 Microphone positions + 1 FX layer
17 individually sampled tines
Recorded both with and without buzzers
Up to 10x RR and 12 Velocity Layers
8 Patches

The World Series Kalimba script feautres intelligent round robin selection, which forces as much variation in the performance as possible.

The Kalimba we sampled has 17 tines; two octaves of C minor pentatonic with 4 duplicate tines, G3, Bb3, C4 and Eb4. The instrument alternates between duplicate tines and shows which tine is currently being played.

Each microphone perspective and the FX layer can be routed to specific outputs, allowing for more flexible mixing.

The WANDER control randomly shifts the panning or alters the pitch of notes individually.

Choose from different impulse responses to add REVERB.

Adjust the ADSR Envelope to shape the notes.

The PAN LOCK unifies the panning of all microphones.
And each mic position can be routed to a different Kontakt output.


01 Kalimba - Serengeti
02 Kalimba - Wide
03 Kalimba - Plane Jane
04 Kalimba - Staccato
05 Kalimba - Angel's Breath
06 Kalimba - Softened Chorus
07 Kalimba - Seasick
08 Kalimba - Space Whales
Produced by: Michael Barry and Michael Patti
Project Director: Ben Chrisman
Scripted by: Ben Chrisman
Recording Engineer: Ben Chrisman
Mix Engineer: Ben Chrisman
Sample Editor: Ben Chrisman

FULL version of Kontakt 5.5.0 or higher

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