Aubitsound Ultrallenium Drums and FX

Aubitsound Ultrallenium Drums and FX

It’s no longer enough if your drum samples are just providing the rhythm for a production, producers like Illenium and Flume are now using their drums as an integral part of their sound design and overall vibe. So we’ve created ‘Ultrallenium Drums & FX’ to provide you with 100 huge; kicks, snares, percs, toms and hats that are needed to bring a rhythm section to life.

Another key element to Illenium’s sound design is the use of distortion and FX samples in his pres and fills. It became clear why he’s so successful when we started unpacking those sounds and seeing how many layers it takes to achieve that level of quality and sonic edge. This also pack includes 10 FX loops, 5 FX fills and 5 drum fills to help you cut out the long layering-process and get straight to the creative sparks.

Here’s what you get:

•25 Kicks (WAVs)
•25 Snares (WAVs)
•20 Percs (WAVs)
•15 Toms (WAVs)
•15 Hi hats (WAVs)
•5 Drum Fills (WAVs)
•5 FX Fills (WAVs)
•10 FX Loops (WAVs)
•120 Files (WAVs)

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