Zero-G Heavy Industry

Heavy Industry is a carefully crafted 1Gb collection of powerful atmospheres, transitions, ambiences, drones and effects that lean towards the darker side of the cinematic soundscape genre.

These powerful, extreme sounds create intense emotions in the listener and are ideal for fashioning suspense and tension in whichever form of music you are creating whether that be cinematic soundtracks, TV composition, gaming or electronic dance music with an industrial feel.

Eerie ambient, industrial soundscapes, powerful often harrowing, extreme, severe, passionate sounds. Welcome to Heavy Industry!

All of the samples are recorded in pristine 24bit audio and have been pre-cleared and are 100% original & royalty-free for your musical use without any additional licensing fees!


- 320 Acidized WAV files
- 320 AIFF Apple Loops
- 248 Kontakt Instruments
- 248 EXS24 Instruments
- 248 HALion Instruments
- 248 NN-XT Instruments
- Compresser RAR - 1.45 GB
- Uncompressed - 2.23 GB

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