Sample Tools by Cr2 Melodic House and Techno

Sample Tools by Cr2 Melodic House and Techno

Melodic House & Techno contains over 605 MB of original content. This sample kit is brimming with everything you need to get your productions sounding ready for the club.

As usual from Sample Tools by Cr2, on offer are corresponding MIDI files for the bass loops as well as piano and synth loops, and included are their trademark prodcast video tutorials and a booklet containing tips and tricks from the producer.

This pack aims to bring you a powerful collection of essential content spread across the absolute highest quality audio, MIDI, presets, video tutorials and tips and tricks booklet.

Cr2 have included a blend of deep analogue sounding basslines, together with a collection of rich, melodic piano and synth loops, perfect for the melodic House style.

In addition to this are drum loops, each one punchy and versatile, together with drum hits and kick drums guaranteed to underpin the heaviest House/Techno production.

Also included are a collection of deep, mesmerising FX sounds to give you all the ear candy you require.

Product Details:

• 605 MB of Content
• Bass, Piano & Synth Loops
• MIDI Files Included
• Drum Hits & Kicks

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