Academy.FM Cymatics Tension FX

Academy.FM Cymatics Tension FX

Producers always underestimate the importance of FX in a song.

The right FX will turn a stale arrangement into an exciting adventure. Without them, you are left with a bunch of parts that don’t connect and have no flow or energy.

Adding FX also happens to be a part of producing that is a PAIN IN THE BUTT!

Trust us… We all suffer through this part of the process.

Which is why we created this all in one solution to the problem with Tension FX!

We wanted to create a single sample pack that can meet ANY of your FX needs! So you’re not scavenging through hundreds of sample banks to get the right FX sounds in your track.

With Tension, you get a whopping 150 samples and loops to work with.
Seriously though… since we’ve got our hands on this pack, we haven’t needed to go anywhere else for FX samples. We’ve saved ourselves hours of undesirable FX work and sped up our entire production workflow as a result!

Make your life a little bit easier and grab Tension FX now!

Included in this pack:

•20 Risers
•20 Downlifters
•20 Noise Up
•20 Noise Down
•30 Impacts
•15 Buildup Drums
•25 Misc Tonal FX
•Format: .WAV

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