Octve OG Series UNKWN

We're excited to release our first OG Series pack featuring UNKWN. This pack contains high quality one-shots, drop loops, kicks, snares, snaps, crazy fx, serum presets, and much more!

"Over the course of about a year since my launch i've had the blessed opportunity to release music on major platforms.. with that being said i've gotten ALOT of request to make a sample pack. After seeing my first two free packs get major traction.. i've decided to put together my first official sample pack. My OG Series pack can literally be applied to all genres of music.. beginner to experienced producers will find good use for it. Thanks OCTVE for partnering up to release this one! Cheers


UNKWN Trap Essentials Vol. 1

- 8 UNKWN 808's
- 8 UNKWN Claps
- 22 UNKWN Foleys [22]
- 7 UNKWN Hi-Hats
- 12 UNKWN Kicks
- 9 UNKWN Percs
- 9 UNKWN Snares


UNKWN Trap Essentions Vol. 2

Pack Content:
5x 808's + 1x 808 Loop
12x Kicks
7x Claps
9x Foleys
13x FX's + 1x FX Fill Loop
16x Hi-Hats + 1x Hi-Hat Loop
12x Percussions + 1x Percussion Loop
14x Snares

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