Splash Sound Power Riffer

Splash Sound Power Riffer

Power Riffer is a unique sample library of electric guitar for Kontakt. It can't play arpeggios or solos. It does not have dozens of techniques for sound extraction or adjusting the angle of the mediator's position. But it can play POWER CHORDS and does it best of all!

As the instrument was not created for passages or hard solos, we didn't have to record each note separately, and then write a complex script that would mimic the guitarist playing. We immediately recorded the guitarist and the necessary chords! Thanks to this, Power Riffer does not imitate a guitar, but is a real recorded guitar.

– Use the DI-Box channel for playing through the well-known to you VST amplifiers
– Get the double track from the box, so as not to create unnecessary tracks in your DAW project
– Use presets so as not to be distracted from creative work by the settings of the amplifier or the cabinet
– Now you have a guitarist who gets into the rhythm perfectly, doesn't make mistakes, sounds great and does it from the first take

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