Insanity Samples The Stein Antique Concert Grand

Insanity Samples The Stein Antique Concert Grand

THE STEIN is a meticulously sampled Antique Steinway Model B. With a depth of character and colour that instantly inspires from the first note. With a whopping 10 individually configurable microphone signals, 6 of which placed to create a deep stereo image, the nuance captured is highly detailed. The STEIN also has additional mechanical noises from pedal sounds alongside mechanical & musical release triggers for added realism. We have also created a trailblazing approach to the sympathetic frequencies heard when using a sustain pedal on the real deal. A concert grand not to be missed!

So nuanced, you'll feel like you are sitting in the room with this one of a kind Concert Grand...


- 3,311 samples
- 10 mic signals [player pos l/r, front l/r, soundboard l/r, centre, rear, floor & room]
- 4 dynamics with 2 rr's across all velocities
- revolutionary sustain-pedal-down sympathetic resonance workflow
- mechanical & release sounds
- special FX reverse texture
- EQ & post effects chain

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