Guillermo Guareschi Charango

Guillermo Guareschi Charango

Experience the Charango, a virtual instrument of unparalleled uniqueness and astounding realism.

Painstakingly sampled, each note resonates with meticulous detail across various dynamics and round robins.

This instrument embodies the authentic spirit of South America, capturing the rich, emotional essence and its nuanced tones.

Please note: FULL retail version of Kontakt 5.6 or later is required. NOT for Kontakt Player.

Charango - The Authentic Spirit of South America, Capturing the Rich, Emotional and Nuanced Tones
The Charango captures the full range of the traditional instrument, offering more dynamics than the Ronroco.

Each note is meticulously sampled with an impressive 15 samples per note, providing great realism and detail.

The DOUBLE feature includes two charangos, enriching arrangements with added depth and spatial dimension.

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We've blended vintage and modern techniques, employing a range of microphones and preamplifiers to achieve a sound that is both pristine and organic.

The Krystalos Audio technique further refines this, ensuring a crystal-clear and authentic audio experience.

The Charango boasts an expansive dynamic range with a sweet, harmonic-rich top end that will infuse your music with life and shimmer.

It's incredibly user-friendly and straightforward, eliminating any steep learning curve.

The innovative “DOUBLE” Charango feature adds depth and dimension to your productions.

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