Robert K Groov Mekanik GMaudio Dynamic EQ V1.3

Robert K Groov Mekanik GMaudio Dynamic EQ V1.3

Dynamic EQ's are one of the most useful tools you can have in your audio toolkit. They apply volume adjustments to a filter, only when required unlike a normal static EQ, reducing the amount of phase shift used and enhancing details of the audio. This Max for Live device brings Dynamic EQ to your Ableton Live projects to help you; De-ess vocals, tighten up drums, keep sweeping resonant filters in check & much more.

New In Version 1.3

- DSP Improvements (All filters are generated and controlled at signal rate)
- External Sidechain
- Improved Spectrum Analyzer
- Mid/Side Functionality
- Lookahead
- Expansion

These new improvements make it an essential mixing tool and is now capable of managing the difference between Left & Right, ducking instruments out of the centre (sum) or sides (difference) or creative expansion using a rhythmic, external sidechain. The default preset is a De-esser, perfect to control hats and cymbals on a drum bus, or shorten the release for use on vocals.

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