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Westwood Instruments Lost Guitar

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Electric exploration
Over 100 original sounds made from an electric guitar, but only a few of them actually sound like one. You'll discover a huge variety of different tones and moods that can be combined and manipulated into near limitless possibilities.

Created using a baritone electric guitar and a whole list of unusual ideas. This is our biggest release in the Lost series with the widest spectrum of ideas. From scores to songwriting, get ready to discover your new favourite guitar sounds.

From the simple to the mangled, these are all sustained guitar sounds. Some sound like a guitar, others are pushed to the point of being unrecognisable.

Random scatterings of single notes. Not recorded to a tempo, these are meandering and off-the-cuff. Sometimes delicate, sometime unpredictable. Always interesting.

Infinitely looping landscapes that feel like a synth. Some are soft and blurry. Some are misshapen and confused. Some are dark and hostile.

Organically rhythmic loops. Plenty of real and human variations in timing. Beat syncable to any tempo, the further away from 120BPM you get the more interesting things get.

More than just a guitar library
The original sessions were all played on a Reverend Descent baritone guitar. These raw recordings were then taken and given the Westwood treatment you've come to love; cassette, reel-to-reel, boutique pedals and hardware samplers.

Most of what you'll hear and experience sounds like a guitar, but this is not a virtual instrument that is attempting to replicate a guitar. Think about it more like a vast range of incredible sounds made from a guitar.

Rhythmical underscore
The MEMORIES engine creates an arpeggiated underscore. Load any of the 112 sounds and transform them into a distant haze or a more upfront accompaniment. More interesting than a delay, more sophisticated than an arpeggiator.

Start here
With the endless range of possibilities in the instrument, we've created over 300 snapshot presets to get you somewhere good quickly. Arranged in a way to find a simple starting point that you can take in your own direction, or choose one of the more complex and interesting combinations you might not have thought about. Here's just a handful below and checkout the walkthrough video above for dozens more.

Requires Native Instruments Kontakt Player or Kontakt FULL v6.6.1 or higher!

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