Sound Dust Bliss Machine

Sound Dust Bliss Machine

An infinity of gorgeous guitar texture
288 pitched and synced guitar loops
50 presets for Kontakt 5 + 6
1 GB total size
Guitars from Mars + time funnel = Bliss

LOOP POOL : BLISS MACHINE is a gorgeous guitar texture device.

Always synced to the BPM of your DAW, you can intuitively trigger, time slip and morph pitched samples with mod wheel and keyboard to create beautiful cathedrals of sound or raucous chunky riffery .

Super composer/producer/guitarist Andrew Britton built a stunning set of guitar loops for major, minor and single notes in every key. Four version of each are pushed into the LOOP POOL engine that uses modwheel control to morph through synced variations with control of playback speed per layer. Sound Dust couldn't resist and mangled the original loops into the remix versions, which add extra flavour. Reverse control flips the loops while retaining sync and the notelock control spreads one set of samples across the whole keyboard for stranger mutations.

XY pad has quick control of convolution reverb depth, EQ and tremolo. Pretty much everything can be automated for easy control of complex variations.

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