Toontrack Melodic Percussion Metal EKX

Toontrack Melodic Percussion Metal EKX

This EKX for EZkeys 2 includes two absolute staples when it comes to melodic percussion: a vibraphone and a glockenspiel. Heard in not only countless classical arrangements but also across all genres of popular music, these staples from the metallophone family of instruments have become two of the definite go-tos for audio creatives across the board. The vibraphone, with its vivid tremolo and sustained colorful, metallic timbre, boasts a strikingly distinct character. Likewise, the glockenspiel, with its curious tinkle and bright, bell-like tone, simply has an inimitable harmonic voice able to cut through in any musical context. Undoubtedly, if you're looking for percussive and melodic instruments that have an extraordinary ability to carry melodies that sing, ring and soar, these two gems are essential.

To capture the instruments, the Toontrack sound design team returned to the same complex that the Superior Drummer 3 core library and Orchestral Percussion SDX were recorded in; Galaxy Studios. Built with an unprecedented attention to detail and designed to withstand virtually any noise interference from the outside world, this is the epitome of a studio for sampling delicate instruments of this kind.

To offer flexible use in anything from the full-scale and orchestral down to the intimate and natural, the setup used to capture the two instruments boasts an array of 17 individual microphones. In the final product, these mics are used to give you mix-ready presets showcasing the instruments in all imaginable mixes, tonalities and colors. In addition, the vibraphone was recorded in both the main hall and the smaller Studio 1 room as well as sampled with mallets and a violin bow, offering you three completely opposing tonal takes. Aside from the instruments themselves, this EKX also includes a basic library of MIDI enabling you to start creating from the get-go.

If you're looking to supercharge your EZkeys 2 with a vividly vibrant EKX adaptable in any context from orchestral to singer-songwriter, jazz, rock, electronic and pop – this is one that should top your list.


- Features a vibraphone and a glockenspiel
- Captured at the Galaxy Studios in Belgium
- Vibraphone recorded in two different rooms and with both mallets and a violin bow
- A total of 17 microphones used, offering extreme variation and tonal options
- Ready for mixes in stereo up to 5.0 surround
- Comes with mix-ready presets for different configurations, microphone setups and tonal flavors
- Includes a MIDI library unique to the product

Works with EZkeys v2.0.5 and higher!

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