midierror Yamaha TX81Z Editor

midierror Yamaha TX81Z Editor

This is a Max4Live editor for the TX81Z, which enables you to program every element of the synth and store automated changes. Every parameter is catered for, including a text box to name your patches.

Included in the download are:

Install Guide
Max4Live AMXD File

You can send all of the parameters to the TX81Z enabling you to load and save patches in your set, and ensure the gui and synth have corresponding values. The editor also allows for program changes

Once purchased you can contact me any time using the built in Support button, with questions, ideas and suggestions.

If you have any questions about the software, it's functionality or usage please contact me BEFORE purchase, as I can not offer refunds on software downloads.

Required software: Ableton Live 10 Suite

Required Hardware: Yamaha TX81Z

Please note: This is not a patch librarian, it will transmit parameter changes to the TX81Z, but the software does not load and save patches. However, you may save your sounds on the TX81Z (as described in the manual) and then save them to your computer.

This product is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Yamaha.

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