Cinesamples Collision Impact Designer

Cinesamples Collision Impact Designer

Collision Impact Designer is a tool for cinematic trailer composers, video game sound designers and score creators alike. In addition to 100 presets, Collision provides a simple and powerful interface that gives quick access to unique sounds and inspiring design tools. Loaded with over 4GB of Hits, Tickies, Subs and Sustain samples, this is one percussion library that should not be missed.

Collision Impact Designer was developed in collaboration with LA Percussion Rentals, the premier percussion rental house in Los Angeles. The heart and soul of this library is the amazing sample content, and none of it would be possible without the incredible percussion pieces they provided.

Unlike a traditional sampling session, we did not record individual specific instruments at LA Percussion Rentals. Instead, we took an approach to natural percussion design within a natural acoustic space.

To get each of the individual sounds in Collision, we used combinations of instruments, sympathetic resonances, non-standard mallets, and other techniques so that with every sound you would ask - "What instrument is that?".

This natural approach to design allows better space for post-processing and layering within the Collision impact designer.

We hope that this library becomes a tool that inspires cinematic trailer producers, sound designers and composers, and helps them save valuable time designing these crucial sounds for our favorite films and shows.

Anyone who has spent time designing this type of content knows how grueling the process can be, and how difficult it is to find and use great source material. Collision Impact Designer is our solution to that workflow, providing the content and interface to build amazing impacts without all the hassle of working with raw samples in a DAW.

- 2.5GB of original sample content (4GB uncompressed WAV)
- Over 650 Unique sound sources, with 2,937 individual samples
+ 153 Tickies
+ 63 High-Range Hits
+ 92 Mid-Range Hits
+ 104 Low-Range Hits
+ 45 Subs
+ 63 High-Range Sustains
+ 55 Mid-Range Sustains
+ 39 Low-Range Sustains
+ 50 Sub-Range Sustains
- 100 Factory presets + 25 extra User-Preset slots
- Fully encoded for the Kontakt Player and NKS compatible

Works with the free Kontakt Player v6.6.1 or higher!

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