phritz A Few Utility M4l Devices

phritz A Few Utility M4l Devices

Signal Frequency (or MIDI) LFO
- a mappable LFO device that takes the MIDI note's tonal frequency and modulates the mapped destination accordingly. For example, if you played a C1 note, the LFO would oscillate at the same frequency (65.4hz). It can be used creatively in a lot of different ways, but to give one example, I put an instance of Erosion on 'noise' mode, map the LFO to the 'Amount' parameter and add saturation after to get a heavy bass sound fit for genres like Neuro / Leftfield Bass.

- a device that works in conjunction with BBC Symphony Orchestra (or other instruments that have customizable keyswitching) that can switch between articulations without having to open up the plugin. The keyswitch buttons can be automated, so you should be able to avoid the hassle of having to draw in MIDI notes at the bottom of the piano roll. (probably) useful if you like to do a lot of orchestral programming.

although I haven't had problems using these devices as of right now (May 2024, Ableton Live 12) all these devices are slightly outdated (I haven't made any updates to them) so please let me know if you have any issues with them,

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