Teletone Audio Anamorph

Teletone Audio Anamorph

Surrealist Keys
Anamorph is a hybrid keys instrument taking you on a surreal journey through a landscape of sonic mirrors, presented seamlessly through an intuitive interface.

Over 100 Unique Patches
Anamorph's extensive collection of over 100 patches is crafted from a vast array of sample sources, including vintage analog synthesizers, grand and upright pianos, electric keys, vibraphones, butterfly pianos, and more!

Shape Shifting Controls
Easily dial in immersion with three sound design controls: Character, Obscure, and Shadow.
CHARACTER adds hazy saturation to the sound, while OBSCURE shrouds the sound in modulation effects. Finally, the SHADOW dial conjures up reverberant dimensions and echoing whispers.

Alluring Arpeggiator
Transform any key patch into a tapestry of arpeggios, meticulously curated with an array of arp types, diverse rates, and multi-octave capabilities.

Flexible Fidelity
Take your sound from full fidelity to tape warbled worn out lo-fi.
Introducing the all-new Age dial that allows you to opt in and out of wow, wear and a collapsing stereo field.

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