Audio Brewers The Upright Complete

Audio Brewers The Upright Complete

Meet the instrument.
Featuring a beautiful upright piano from the late eighties, 'The Upright' is the first virtual instrument ever to be recorded, mixed, and delivered fully in Ambisonics, allowing you to have control over how you want your listeners to feel the message you're delivering with your music.

Regardless of your final mix being in Stereo, Binaural, VR, or any Surround configuration, 'The Upright' will always keep not only the fidelity of the sound but transport your listeners exactly to where you want them to be.

As technology helps artists and listeners to get closer, Audio Brewers has decided to take the next step and offer you a tool to allow your listeners to tear down that last layer that would keep them from feeling exactly what you were feeling. It is no longer about them hearing your music, it is about them living in it and feeling the way you felt while composing.

Stereo Version
Our approach to sound also has a benefit to those who prefer to stick to Stereo. Thanks to our recording and mixing techniques, where we respect the microphone positions not only in a left to right fashion, but on a three-dimensional space, the resulting mix is a faithful representation of how sound behaves as it travels to your ears. Instead of having mic positions that layer on top of others, we offer multiple mixes that combine seamlessly with each other in total sonic harmony.

Stereo Version is compatible with every DAW available in the market.

Clean Sustains, Felt, Una Corda and Eternal each contain:

Pedal Down Resonance
Pedal Artifacts

Prepared Piano

- Finger Pluck
- Picked Strings
- Picked Strings (Una Corda)
- Plastic Bag
- Magnets
- Slapped Strings
- First Harmonic
- Second Harmonic
- Nails on Strings
- Muted
- Sound Effects

Prepared Piano (Looped)

- Ebow 1
- Ebow 2 (harmonic)
- Scratching Strings
- Bowed
- Shakers on Strings
- Fishing Line Bow
- Fishing Line Bow (with Motion)
- Looped Sustains
- Looped Sustains with Pedal Down
- LFE Sympathetic Frequencies
- Sound Effects

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