Hy2rogen Deep and Tech Minimalism

Hy2rogen Deep and Tech Minimalism

Leaving our planet's atmosphere in search of inspiration in faraway galaxies, HY2ROGEN is proud to unveil the label's next exquisite sound collection titled Deep & Tech Minimalism.

Fully equipped with 1.22 GB of alluring sonic goods, this modern-sounding collection of samples has been meticulously crafted in our laboratory under the mind-blowing inspiration of artists such as Hector Couto, Traumer, and Archie Hamilton, aiming for a mesmerising blend of deep tech, minimal, and progressive house. This collection seeks to deliver all the ingredients to replicate such a sublime sound anywhere, anytime.

To dive deeper into what can you expect from this intriguing collection, we'll first have to mention the granular, glitched, and delayed drum loops that sit at the core of this sample pack, ranging from full drum loops to individual components such as clap loops, hat loops, kick loops, and percussion loops - offering hundreds of effortless new combinations. The bass section is quite beefy, giving you all kinds of lower-spectrum goodies. The sonic palette truly opens up with the synth loops as these add irresistible and energetic scents to the whole experience of this sample pack, diving into hypnotic and extra-terrestrial realms. These, along with the pad loops that sit just right in the background, are combined in pure harmony, resulting in a feeling similar to visualising crystals and polychromatic lights. Effects are also included in this collection to aid in keeping things interesting and marking section changes. As the cherry on top, we have to make way for the vocal loops that are comprised of a mixture including glitched and stuttered female & male bursts, vocoded and detuned loops, sequenced and gated workouts, all the way to spoken materials.

With 1.22 GB of content broken down into 11 main folders, holding 992 total files, comprised of 760 WAV files, 150 MIDI files, and 12 sampler patches. Everything is key and tempo-labelled (125 BPM) where applicable, plus the audio files are delivered at a top quality of 24-bit 44.1kHz, exported in 4-bar loops. Check out the full specifications below for more details.

Please note: the audio demo has been processed to sound loud, compressed, and uniform. The individual sounds do not contain the same level of heavy processing and have been left as clean as possible to find their way into any project. All of the sounds presented in the audio demo are available in this sample pack. Separate folder downloads are available.


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Product Details:

1.22 GB
24-Bit / 44.1kHz
992 Total Files
760 WAV Files
150 MIDI Files
12 Sampler Patches (EXS, Kontakt, Halion)
4-Bar Long Loops
70 Bass Loops
40 Clap Loops
80 Full Drum Loops
40 Sound Effects
80 Hat Loops
80 Kick Loops
120 Drum One-Shots (Kick, Clap, Hat, Perc)
30 Pad Loops
80 Percussion Loops
70 Synth Loops
70 Vocal Loops

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