Native Instruments Electric Keys Diamond

Native Instruments Electric Keys Diamond

Electric Keys – Diamond immortalizes a very rare, original electric piano from 1967. Beyond its sparkling exterior lie real felt piano hammers, producing a unique and mellow tone similar to a vibraphone. This standout gem is ideal for those seeking a more uncommon sound.

Timeless tones, endless expression
Electric Keys celebrates the world of electric keyboards, putting some of the most sought-after models at your fingertips as perfectly captured, true-to-life piano emulations. Explore enduring sounds that have influenced decades of popular music, spanning from '70s disco and funk to today's chart-topping pop hits. Draw inspiration from classic builds or have fun making them your own with an authentic selection of cabinets, tone controls, and creative effects.


Use the latest effects from Guitar Rig 7 to build your own custom effects chain, including Phaser, Flanger, Twang, and many more.

The original tremolo and EQs from each instrument were modeled in detail, from a smooth '70s suitcase tremolo to a mora lively 80s character

From soft and intimate to bold and brash, different performance dynamics have been recorded layer by-layer that can be blended to your taste with the Color knob.

At a glance
Product type: Komplete Instrument
For use with: Free Kontakt Player 7.8 or Kontakt (Version 7.8 or higher)
Sound Category: Electric piano VST
Number of snapshots: 100
Download size: 3.57 GB

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