Marcos Ciscar Surf Guitar

Marcos Ciscar Surf Guitar

Inspired by the sound of electric guitars in surf music, "Surf Guitar" is a simple, yet effective instrument that lets you add a surfy mood to your production. It offers a selection of electric guitar chords performed while altering the whammy bar.

- Guitar used: Gretsch
- Recording method: Line cable, no amp. 24-bit - 44,1KHz.
- Reverb IR: Spring Reverb

Key switching:
- Key switch - normal mode: A0
This enables six octaves of various chords.

- Key switch - suspended mode: A#1
This enables three octaves of various suspended chords.

Octave layering - normal mode:

- C1-B1: Major chords
- C2-B2: Major seventh chords
- C3-B3: Dominant seventh chords
- C4-B4: Major chords with added sixth
- C5-B5: Minor chords
- C6-B6: Minor chords with added dominant seventh

Octave layering - suspended mode:
C1-B3: A selection of sus4, sus2 chords and various combinations with a dominant seventh.

All keys were recorded but the final selection of chord takes was based upon the quality, evenness and mood in the sound.

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