Wrongtools Down By Law

Wrongtools Down By Law

Created by playing with rubber mallet, brushes and knitting needle on the strings of a wooden acoustic bass guitar.

Single note/hits instruments and loops
Individual patches has +/- 20 dynamic layers X 3RR
Articulation switcher control by ks or cc
Delicious arrhythmic sound sculpts available
136 performed tightly-cut loops
Adjustable custom ir reverbs
Abstract fx textures with FX
3 mic positions
Attack sounds etc available on separate faders
Intuitive user interface

Blend in acoustic liveliness into your bass or perc figures to your arrangement. Recorded and performed in a great sounding studio, with the most serious intent. Synced to tempo in NI Kontakt.

The acoustic bass guitar, is basically a large guitar with bass strings. The strings are normally played by plucking with fingers, nails or plectrum. We recorded a drummer carefully playing loops on different strings with beaters.


Wallpapers included for nicnt file creation

Kontakt v6.7.1+ Required


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