Spitfire Audio Hearth and Hollow Folk Voices

Spitfire Audio Hearth and Hollow Folk Voices

Recorded in the chapel of St. John's Anglican Church, Hearth and Hollow Folk Voices captures a real and intimate vocal session synonymous with indie folk. Created with Hunter Rogerson, this VST focuses on the texture and tonality of how real people sound — highlighting the warmth and unique character each singer’s voice has to offer. Hunter gathered 2 of his closest friends to produce a library that mirrors the natural textures and tonalities of indie folk music.

Four arrangeable vocal signals with 11 articulations and 8 mixes all curated to fit comfortably in your arrangements. Blend this library with Hearth and Hollow Plucked Folk Ensemble for an authentic acoustic sound.

Key Features

- 4 arrangeable vocal styles representing different approaches to the folk sound.
- Housed in a cosy, interactive UI that encourages intuitive sculpting and arranging.
- CC controllable vowel blending.
- Intuitive doubling control for creating instant double-tracked vocal parts.
- Articulations crafted and performed to mirror the common practices of indie vocals.
- Solo NKI's of each singer for additional arrangement flexibility.
- Bonus NKI's with true legato whistling and a body percussion kit.

The Singers

- Willow - Solo singer consisting of Lilli Furfaro handling the upper range. Clear, present but soft like a sunbeam.
- Juniper - A double tracked vocal featuring Hunter Rogerson with a soaring falsetto.
- Hawthorn - Solo singer consisting of Chase Noseworthy handling the deeper range. Deep and gravelly, with some rasp that sounds like honey whiskey.
- Forest - A beautiful blend consisting of Lilli and Chase singing together in octaves.

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