Robert K Groov Mekanik GMaudio FMFX

Robert K Groov Mekanik GMaudio FMFX

GMaudio FMFX uses an oscillator of your choice to frequency modulate any signal passing through it. You can choose the frequency of the modulator manually in Hz, Note values or send the device MIDI from the accompanying MIDI Effect. Ratio is multiplication of the modulator frequency and amount is the volume of the oscillator used to 'FM' the signal.

All parameters can be modulated or automated. Use it with self oscillating filters to create morphing drones, add texture and tonality to your leads or push your bass lines into FM oblivion. Watch your signal dance with the supplied oscilloscope. You'll never be short of FM Synthesis in your projects, the sound design possibilities for this device are endless.

New in Version 1.1

- Processing takes place at 2x Oversampling
- Parameter output smoothed for pristine modulation
- Oscillators normalized (no signal drop between oscillator types)
- Greater Ratio and Amount Ranges

FM's more and Sounds better!

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