bloops blocks

bloops blocks

creative synthesizer with unique drawing-based sequencer

the synth engine
the synth engine of blöcks consists of 3 main sound generators, which are later processed by various modulations and fx.

the generators are:
a deep sine wave generator with a "kicky" envelope
a noise-driven hi-hat
a punchy percussion

each colored block placed on a sequencer is matched with corresponding sub-sequence

control all of the synth parameters including:

- pitch, sustain and velocity of sound, among with scale quantization
- blending between sound types
- wavefolding and frequency modulation with sync switch
- low-pass filter with resonance
- phase-distortion with feedback amount
- amplitude, ring and sync-resonator modulation
- comb-reverb with adjustable size and sharpness
- synced delay line

feeling adventurous? randomize!

press the r button near each sequence to randomize the values

draw your sequence

use a new, unique way of coming up with new sequence patterns by drawing them out!

- choose between 4 block types
- connect blocks together to make them sound at the same time
- hold or ratchet the block to make interesting rhythm patterns

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