Wrongtools Dulcitone Pro

Wrongtools Dulcitone Pro

Dulcitone sampled with different sets of felt hammers

Patches 44
Variations 24
Samples 1500
Size 3.3 GB

Dulcitone sounds like an elderly celesta, with a quieter and rounder tone. We sampled two different Dulcitones with different piano hammers, cutting-edge technology.

The sound comes from tuning forks, which vibrate when struck by felt-covered hammers. We utilized a variation of different hammers.

Here's a playful demo : Grieg Op 43 No 17 (Op.43-1) Butterfly, rearranged for Dulcitone Pro. Using the main patch only.

Dulcitone-Pro is a charming unusual alternative to piano.

Brings uniqueness and intimacy to emotional scoring moments.

Recorded with different piano-hammers
Key sounds, mechanics and quirks on separate faders

Instruments variations and unlimited sculptering

High-end microphones (Neumann, Coles)

Recorded in a dry scoring stage

Articulation 'hammer' switcher by ks or cc

Adjustable custom ir reverb

The instrument was overhauled by a professional piano restorer prior to the sampling session. Mechanics and pedal, squeaks and keysounds were recorded and mapped to individual tracks.

Requires Kontakt v6.7.1+

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