PastToFutureReverbs Oud For KONTAKT!

PastToFutureReverbs Oud For KONTAKT!

We sampled this wonderful instrument about 15 years ago for Giga Sampler and it was the biggest Virtual Oud Instrument available at that time (maybe still) with over 1GB! 24Bit/96kHz Stereo Samples and up to 7 Velocity Layers.

Recorded with 2 Vintage U87 Mics with Telefunken V376 Mic Pres.

You get 6 Different Presets of this beautiful Instrument. (Dry, with reverb, lo-fi, hard and soft attack etc..)

About Oud:

Oud is an over 1000 years old fretless oriental string instrument which has been considered as the grandmother of the guitar.

The sound of the Oud is very ancient, big, round and emotional.

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