Karoryfer Samples Big Rusty Drums

Karoryfer Samples Big Rusty Drums

Drums that are not nice and easy, but nice and rough! Samples of drums made by Zygmunt Szpaderski in a one-man workshop in Poland. They're big, and they've gotten kind of rusty over the decades. We matched them with an even larger floor tom made from an Estonian-made RMIF kick drum, and some nice modern cymbals. While we paid the equivalent of $111.68 for the Szpaderski kit with hardware, stands and cymbals, the Sabian ride cost more than four times as much, and we don't care - they are a good match sonically.

Samples with sticks, brushes and mallets, snare also recorded with a tambourine on top of it and a small tom on top of it, rim clicks and shell clicks, stirs on both the snare and floor tom, a stack of cheap cymbals, mechanical noises... this kit has a lot of features, many of which you can't get elsewhere. Where else are you gonna get samples of overgrown Soviet Bloc drums with this kind of detail?

Over 4400 samples adding up to 2.3 GB.

A witch says,

This is freeware but you need this patched one to use in our Sforzando release.

You need our Sforzando and ARIA Engine release to use.

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