Karoryfer Samples Frankensnare

Karoryfer Samples Frankensnare

Just like Dr. Viktor Frankenstein tried to put together the best parts of various humans, Frankensnare lets you create your own snares from a wide array of acoustic snare samples, from giants the diameter of a kick drum to a tiny 10" one, and also including the mad science "sympathy snares", which are recordings of a kick drum making six snares buzz sympathetically at once. There are also several varieties of claps, guitar chiks, and a tambourine. Over 3500 samples of snare drums, with an SFZ instrument built for layering

Snares sampled:

10"x6" ash snare: brushes and sticks
12"x5" steel snare
14"x5" maple snare: brushes and sticks
14"x6.5" maple snare: normal and muted
14"x8" aluminum snare: center hits and rimshots
14"x8" birch snare
18"x16" prepared birch tom
20"x6" poplar snare: brushes, sticks and prepared
sympathy snare with 20"x20" kick
sympathy snare with 22"x16" kick
13x9" birch snare: center hits, rimshots, and hits with tambourine on top
14x5" mystery wood snare
16x7" sapele snare
20"x12" alder snare
22"x5" mahogany snare: brushes, sticks and prepared
22"x14" prepared birch kick
three-drum ziggurat: hits on two different levels

A witch says,

This is freeware but you need this patched one to use in our Sforzando release.

You need our Sforzando and ARIA Engine release to use.

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