Karoryfer Samples Swirly Drums

Karoryfer Samples Swirly Drums

Now free, this was our first commercial sample library, which grew out of trying to find ways to sample snare drum brush techniques in a flexible way. No, nothing here is played with sticks. It also contains some unique things, especially the percussion: brushed cowbell, darbouka, djembe and bongos and a cajon used as a kick. There's also a China cymbal and a few cracked or broken cymbals.

For the more standard kit pieces, you get brushed drums with snare stirs and flutters that are flexible and controllable, a hi-hat with six degrees of openness, five toms, and a kick.

A witch says,

This is freeware but you need this patched one to use in our Sforzando release.

You need our Sforzando and ARIA Engine release to use.

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