Karoryfer Samples Unruly Drums

Karoryfer Samples Unruly Drums

Lots of people sample classic drum kits which make familiar sounds. This is very different. Every drum in this kit is a snare. There's a relatively normal 14” snare, a deep 13” snare converted from a tom, and a giant 22” snare we constructed specifically for the purposes of sampling. Even the kick is a 20” marching band bass drum with two sets of microsnare wires under the reso head. We put this kit together specifically for the purposes of sampling it, starting with making the 22” snare and then looking for pieces to match it.

It's sampled with sticks and brushes, including stirs and flutters on every snare. The stirs are an improved and much more playable version of the stir model we've been working on since Swirly Drums. There's also a hi-hat with six degrees of openness sampled with stick tips, stick shanks and brushes, crash and ride cymbals with multiple articulations, a woodblock, and even noises of sitting down and turning on the stool.

So what is it for? Well, for any music which needs unusual drums with a lot of character and dirt, though they're not being hit hard enough for extreme metal. We think they're most suitable for indie pop and organic hip-hop, though it would not surprise us if most owners end up using them in ways we never imagined.

Over 5600 samples and 2 GB.

A witch says,

This is freeware but you need this patched one to use in our Sforzando release.

You need our Sforzando and ARIA Engine release to use.

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