Fracture Sounds Tom Factory

Fracture Sounds Tom Factory

The second in our series of Epic Ensembles, Tom Factory delivers an expertly curated set of high-octane drum ensembles. Perfect for composers scoring action-packed trailers, blockbusters, and more.
The tools provided in this library offer an elegant solution to adding a cinematic edge to your percussion writing.

We assembled 5 performers and over 35 drums including Roto Toms, Octobans, Concert Toms, Kick Drums, and spent 3 days capturing over 80 articulations, from solo drums to a range of hard-hitting ensemble configurations.

Tom Factory is designed to be an all-in-one cinematic tom library, featuring an incredibly diverse range of sounds, recorded in a stunning acoustic space, expertly processed into 6 diverse mixes, and presented in an easy-to-use Kontakt interface.

The concert toms are the centrepiece of Tom Factory. They differ from regular drum kit toms as they don't have a bottom (resonant) skin, providing a more accurate and punchy tone. Traditionally used in Concert Band setups, concert toms are increasingly making their way into hard-hitting blockbuster scores.
We captured a selection of concert toms of different sizes and tunings (10-18 inches) in solo and ensemble configurations.

One of the most recent additions to the percussion family is Octobans. First coming to prominence in the popular music world during the late 1970s, they have more recently found a place in cinematic scores.
The Octobans each have the same six-inch head, with the variance in their pitches coming from the size of the body.

Roto toms feature a tight head with no shell, which results in a sharp and resonant tone, with a signature 'pitch bend' effect on the loudest dynamics. Their tone contrasts beautifully with the more full-bodied concert toms and means they can be used very effectively in combination with the other drums in the library.

7 different pitches of roto toms are included in Tom Factory, ranging from 6-14 inches in size.

Despite being primarily a tom library, we couldn't resist also including kick drums, for adding a solid and punchy low-end to the sound palette.

The kick drums in Tom Factory are performed in the typical way using pedals, and also with soft beaters in the 'deep ensemble' articulation.

The most noteworthy material in Tom Factory has to be the ensemble articulations. Utilising the wealth of experience amongst our team of composers, percussionists and engineers, we meticulously curated 40 ensemble articulations, tailored for modern cinematic music.

This includes a thunderous 'deep ensemble' of floor toms and kick drums, a hard-hitting concert tom ensemble utilising multiple performance techniques, a unique 'wide tom ensemble' which features two players spaced far apart, and numerous ensemble configurations of roto toms and octobans.

To create a varied range of timbres in this library, we utilised different sticks and playing techniques. Alongside the standard drumsticks are nylon brushes and hot rods, which provide a crisp tactile timbre, whilst soft mallets (typically used on timpani and cymbals) give a more muffled and resonant tone.

We also used extended techniques such as palm muting and placing paper on the skins for sharper and less resonant sounds, perfect for fast rhythmic playing.


- Over 35 drums, with 82 articulations in total.
- Recorded in a beautiful acoustic space, with 3 mixable microphone positions.
- Housed in our Factory engine with intuitive sound shaping controls and articulation customisation
- 6 bespoke mixes ranging from natural to punchy and aggressive.
- 72 NKI patches, and the ability to build your own.
- Innovative rhythm animator with velocity and filter sequencers.
- Full NKS support -- works with Komplete Kontrol hardware.
- 15GB download size (NCW compressed from a 43GB sample pool).
- Download through Native Access.

- Runs in the free Kontakt Player (v6.7 or later). No additional sampler software needed.

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