Fabrizio Poce J74 ARPline

Fabrizio Poce J74 ARPline

J74 ARPline is an arpeggiator plugin for Ableton Live (Max for Live). With a lot of flexibility. At its heart it is composed of four independent lines, each one capable of the same features. A line is a programmable pattern for triggers and has its own controls for step number, step offset, playback direction, speed, signature, probability and more. When settings are combined across the lines, these features allow you to create complex poly-metric and/or poly-rhythmic arpeggio's.

Feature Overview of J74 ARPline
Fully programmable arpeggiator with four independent lines
Random generation of new patterns, globally and for each line separately
Random mixing for new combinations of patterns, globally and for each line separately
Line Step Number and Step Offset for poly-metric playback across the lines
Line independent Speed for poly-rhythmic combinations
Line Direction and Trigger Probability
Line pattern shift left/right (per line) to allow syncopation
Periodic random pattern changes, for each line independently
Global Step Number and Step Offset for syncopated playback (e.g. less than 16 or odd step number)
Pattern memory (line slots): 10 slots available to each line independently
Pattern mixing (combination of patterns across the lines), for up to 15,000 different combinations
Pattern presets: save and recall on the fly your own patterns (own preset saving)
Snapshots: save and recall snapshots of the entire device configuration
Groove/Dynamic effect (timing and velocity for humanized feel)
Swing effect (to step timing), with 12 modes including MPC-like swing

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