Konstantin Klem Device Matrix

Konstantin Klem Device Matrix

Device Matrix is a Max for Live plug-in, which lets you display and control up to 500 Ableton Live (or VST) instruments and effects on a single screen. It is your perfect assistant when mixing, doing sound design or producing music. It is fully compatible with Ableton Live 10.1 and Ableton Live 11.

Key features
Enable and disable devices (including VST plug-ins) or chains in the whole project;
Quick adjustment of Dry/Wet and Amount parameters for any native device or VST plug-in;
Select track from Device Matrix;
Quick mapping;
Instant project overview;
Horizontal, vertical and Lite version;

Updated to version 1.2 (29.08.22)

Device Matrix is ​​now fully compatible with Live 11.1 (and higher);
Frozen tracks are now highlighted;
Dry/Wet knob now works as expected;
There is a bug in the new Shifter device, in Live 11.1. For the Device Matrix to see the Shifter effect, just put it in a Rack (or group) (Ctrl+G).
Updated to version 1.1

The number of tracks and devices you can control has been increased (50 tracks/500 devices);
The ability to open Device Matrix using the keyboard was added;
Now you can select tracks from Device Matrix;
The ability to control the Dry/Wet (Mix) parameter for VST plug-ins was added.

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