Ableton Live HYPER-REAL Comakid

Ableton Live HYPER-REAL Comakid

HYPER-REAL by Comakid is a collection of flexible instruments, Drum Racks, and effects inspired by the maximalist sound design of hyperpop and the dense, hybrid fabric of contemporary reality. Play shapeshifting synths, craft elastic textures, or warp these sounds into something entirely new.

HYPER-REAL’s name reflects its approach to sound design. The Pack was developed by taking a wide range of natural and synthesized recordings and integrating them into digital tools that can heavily augment, process, or distort their source material.

HYPER-REAL comes with a large collection of drums, leads, basses, pads, plucks, and voice-based sounds to work with. Play metallic percussion, kinetic leads, and plastic stabs, or use each device’s macro-mapped effects to morph and mangle your sounds in real time.

The Pack also features a set of Material, Texture, and Voice Racks to add grain and motion to your productions. Real-world elements like glass, metal, paper, or water can be played like instruments to create billowing soundscapes that evoke sensory reality or intensify it to a breaking point.

HYPER-REAL is built to explore the porous boundaries between technology and the physical world. Transform 808s into virtual growls, digital pads into ghostly choirs, or take apart the Pack’s devices to understand how its uncanny sounds are produced. For the curious, HYPER-REAL is both a collection of open-ended instruments and a stepping stone into experimental sound design.

Pack contents

260+ one-shot drum samples
600+ instrument samples, textures, and loops
18 Drum Racks
68 Instrument Racks
18 Audio Effect Racks
100 MIDI clips
4 Demo Sets

Installation size: 753.68 MB
Download size: 461.0 MB

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