BigWerks Virus

BigWerks Virus

Virus kontakt library is a collection of unique & unorthodox sound design. We took a different approach designing sounds for this project, our goal was to create weird, unusual but playable sounds.

With a wide range of sounds to choose from, we're sure this library will inspire you to create some of your best work!

Quick Overview
-150+ Unique Presets
-Plenty of Fx to manipulate sounds
-Endless Possibilities!

Instruments include:
808s, Arps, Bass, Bells
Synth keys, Fx, Synths, Keys
Leads, Pads, Plucks & Brass.

FX include:
filter & amp envelopes, glide controls (mono, Leg.),
e.q, hp & lp filter controls, flanger, phaser, delay, reverb & arpeggiator

System Requirements
-Virus Kontakt Library runs on Kontakt full version 5.5.1 or higher

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