Magnetic 96 Materials Metal and Ice Content

Magnetic 96 Materials Metal and Ice Content

Melt extraordinary sounds of a masterfully sampled brass ensemble and various metal-based instruments into rare analog and digital synthesizers, along with sound effects recorded with ice and all kinds of metal objects. Focusing on extended playing techniques, unusual recording methods and deeply processed sounds, the fusion of these sources is combined with powerful modulation options, FX processing, wavetable synthesis and the granular engine. Together, they have created the perfect playground for creative ideas and an extraordinary instrument for cinematic productions.

6.5 GB of unheard sounds, created from various instruments, synths, metal objects and ice
Features extended playing techniques recorded by a 12-piece brass ensemble
More than 150 masterfully crafted cinematic presets by Magnetic 96
Up to four material layers with multi-samples, wavetables and granular samples

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