UL The House of Sound Mandolin

UL The House of Sound Mandolin

You can play any note on any string between the open string (0 fret) and the 12nd fret using key switches.

I made this kontakt instrument so I can have the ability to play any note that I want, that way I can play the mandolin and have the same spacing of the chords that the mandolin has and the same tone that the strings has. It’s very important to have the right TONE OF THE STRING so it will sound the right way.

In the mandolin you can select always the right note on the right string or you can select the open strings if you like that sound. you can decide what is right to you it’s your choice.

You can hear it clearly if you play arpeggio notes, but also if you play fast chords up and down strokes.

How to use the mandolin is explained in the video in this page.

You can listen for examples for the mandolin here below.

What you get:
- There is a key switch for:
+ 15 round robin long notes
+ 4 round robin mute notes. (starting from fret 1)
+ 4 round robin 1/2 note slide up. (starting from fret 2)
- Fretboard layout of the ul-mandolin
- And light indication of the note played

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