VGSG Music EP Heaven

VGSG Music EP Heaven

VGSG Music has brought classic and expressive sounds to Kontakt since 2015 and now, we bring you those sounds and all new ones with VGSG’s EP Heaven!

Imagine the classic Electric Pianos from our MKS-20 emulation "VGSG's Gospel Essentials" and "Classic Gospel Synth Sounds,” the FDSP synthesis driven Electric Pianos from our EX5 library, the classic JD-800 Crystal Rhodes, our “Ballad EP” and over 20 all new super expressive FM Electric Pianos from a real hardware FM Synthesizer.
Complemented by Bells, Strings, Choirs, Pads and even Electric Piano FX such as Releases, Tines and more. All of this, in ONE library!

Welcome to VGSG's EP Heaven!
VGSG’s EP Heaven is a Sample Library and Synth containing over 40GB of our best Digital, Acoustic and FM Electric Pianos, Strings, Bells, Pads and more!
EP Heaven is our biggest and most exhaustive library we’ve EVER done!
With EP Heaven, you can layer up to four sounds at once via four (4) Element tabs. Even the same sound can be selected four times!
EP Heaven also features serious resource management. Each element has a patch menu which only loads in the sound selected. Only what you select is loaded into RAM!
Each element also has its own editing features which only affect that element such as Volume, Velocity, Pan, ADSR (with Presets), Mute, Detuning and even Key Range!

We’ve also went all out with EP Heaven's Effects Section!
Included are seven (7) Per Element effects such as an accurate Dimension D Chorus, Delay, Convolution Reverb featuring Reverbs, Cab Sim Impulses and much more!

The current version of VGSG’s EP Heaven (v5.0) features an overhauled FX Section!
Our FX Section features all new Graphics, an all new “Dreamy” Reverb Impulse, and an all new Chorus Effect featuring a Dimension D Chorus Emulation!
The Dimension D Chorus Rack is the Chorus also found in the MKS-20 Piano Module. Create the Ultimate EP Layer by applying this incredible Chorus in EP Heaven!
“Overflow FX”

Because some effects are just better when applied Globally, we added an all new “Overflow FX Section.” This new Four Part FX Section features an Auto Pan, Cabinet Simulator, Flanger (All New for Version 5!), Dimension D: MKS-20 Chorus (Introduced as a Global FX in Version 5), Feedback Compressor, Plate Reverb and the amazing Replika Delay!

Color Mod
We’ve also included an all new and rare effect (not usually seen in Kontakt libraries) called “Color.” This is a global effect which changes the tonal color and timbre of a sound to allow for even more customization and tweaking!

Over 40GB of Pure EPs, Pianos, Strings, Bells, Pads, Choirs & EP FX
Sounds Sampled at 48kHz/24bit using the Apogee Duet & Mogami Gold Cables
23 ALL NEW Electric Pianos (From what we’ve offered before)
ALL NEW Strings, Pads, Bells, Choirs & EP FX (From what we’ve offered before)
MKS-20 EP 1 and EP 2 BOTH Dry & Chorus Included
Dedicated MKS-20 Section featuring Piano 1 & Piano 3
ALL NEW Dimension D Chorus plus 3 other Classic Chorus Emulations
Presets Included as Snapshots for 1-Second Load Time
Includes 7 PER ELEMENT Effects such as Dimension D Chorus, 2-Band EQ, Delay, Stereo Spread, Convolution Reverb (with Reverbs & Cab Sims), Lo-Fi and more
7 Global FX included as “Overflow FX”
Per Element “JP-Like” Detuning
Serious Resource Management (Only selected sound is loaded. If no sounds are loaded, 0MB is used in RAM!)
ALL NEW "Color" knob (Global Effect) that changes tone and timbre
Fast Loading using Kontakt's Proprietary NCW Sample Format

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