UVI Gypsy Jazzy

UVI Gypsy Jazzy

Started by Parisian guitarist Django Reinhardt in the 1930's, the Manouche Jazz style beautifully blends the swing jazz articulations of the time with gypsy heritage. Gypsy Jazzy is the first and only product designed specifically for this genre, from its roots in the early 20th century to modern styles like electro-swing and swing-house.

Jazzy Sounds and Instruments Ready to Swing
Gypsy Jazzy includes dozens of high-quality multi-sampled virtual instruments recorded on authentic period accordions, clarinets, drums, acoustic bass, violins and guitars.
Gypsy Jazzy also comes with construction kits and the UVIrtualBand which follows your tempo and chords in real-time - so whether you're in the mood to lay down your own lines or if you just need a couple talented rhythm players in your ensemble, Gypsy Jazzy has you covered.
A huge variety of vintage jazz sound awaits you in this comprehensive collection.

Ode to Jazz Guitarist Django Reinhardt
The complete and authentic 30's sound of Jazz Manouche
Period-correct accordions, clarinets, drums, bass, violins and guitars
Construction kits follow your tempo and chords in real-time

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