Altar of Wisdom AutoPlay by Altar of Wisdom

Altar of Wisdom AutoPlay by Altar of Wisdom

Tired of having to draw rhythmic sequences by hand, or feeling they always "look the same" ? Don't think more, as here comes AutoPlay, the randomly controlled step sequencer for infinite combinations of unexpected patterns !

Autoplay is a Max 4 Live MIDI device, that processes incoming (usually one long monophonic note) input, and automatically plays random sequences providing:

time allocation control between: 1/32, 1/16, 1/8 and 1/4 occurrences.
global time multiplier to slow down the device up to 64x
minimum and random length per note
minimum and random velocity per note
note probability (to insert some random silence and thus lower density)
transposition probability (to output randomly pitched note)
pitch transpose in octaves, uni or bidirectiona up to 5 octaves in each direction
per note probability when transposing (starting from incoming note, range 1 to 12 get a chance between 0 and 100). Note chances can also be set up automatically to follow one scale among 65 with a simple menu !

Please note you need to have Max 4 Live to use this device (included with Ableton Live Suite, or available as an add-on for other Live versions)

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