Evolution Series Chronicles Miyabi

Evolution Series Chronicles Miyabi

Welcome to our Chronicles Series. The key focus of this product line is musical story-telling. We want to take you on a journey to another place or world through motion and texture.
Collaborating with world-class musicians in a beautiful scoring stage we have been able to secure an exceptional level of realism that is often difficult to achieve through standard sampling methods. By capturing multiple looped-based and textural performances across the instrument's practical range you can create emotional and lively passages. We feel truly passionate about this series and know it will add an extra level of musicality and liveliness to your composition.

There are 57 Snapshots in these categories:
1. Combinations
2. Bass Koto
3. Koto
4. Shakuhachi
5. Shamisen
6. Voice

This is the (still) unreleased private library by Evolution Series.
Not for sale yet .It is an original Native Instruments ISO

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